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Knowledge is everywhere and yet so many fail to see the beauty all around us. Seeing clothing as a canvas for expression and realizing the opportunity fashion has to truly make a statement and educate, our designs are inspired by brilliant ideas, past and present. The greatest works of art, the paintings on the pottery and palaces of the world’s greatest civilizations, the sketches of visionaries when they first translated their brilliance from their mind to paper - intelligence knows no limits, no restrictions. Knowledge is our inspiration, and through our clothing that knowledge will continue to inspire others.


Our shirts are hand designed, inspired by famous masterpieces, creative ideas, and significant moments in history. Our sm[art] collection brings masterpieces out of museums and onto the runway to expose the world to renowned artwork. Our ink collection captures moments of pure genius as they happened – Darwin’s first sketch of evolution, DaVinci’s drawing of a perfectly proportioned human, Rorschach’s (in) famous inkblot test. Our IDClassic

collection reflects life during history’s most iconic civilizations as it happened – Greek, Egyptian, Mesoamerican. Each shirt captures intelligence and spreads knowledge. Each shirt is a conversation waiting to happen.​


Employing an eco-friendly printing and production process, the creation of our shirts is just as smart as the shirts themselves. The cut and contour of each shirt is form flattering, and the soft feel of our material makes for an extremely comfortable fit. The versatility of our shirts is an added extra. Whether you’re going out on the town or spending a relaxing day at a café – our shirts can be dressed for any occasion. From Paris to Shanghai, New York to Tokyo, our shirts are changing the way people think about how fashion can truly make a statement all around the world.  What are you waiting for?  Make your statement today.

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